What does SKIDROW mean when you download a game from torrent like COD Black Ops-SKIDROW?

Like COD Black Ops-SKIDROW


Skidrow is a team of people who remove the protection of a game so that it can be played without the original disk. It usually comes with a No-CD crack that you have to copy over the original exe.


Well skidrow usually is the bad area of town were all the homeless people live


I have a better answer (in my opinion) don't pirate games and you won't have an problems with questions like that, okay? There. Now see, isn't learning fun!Jerk.


I agree with the no pirating guy


Gosh, I wish I would have had that information earleir!


or you cloud not come to pages where people that pirate games ask questions about websites that allow people to pirate games or fuck off your choice but thanks it was very help full cause even though i am not downloading pirated games i still was wondering what it meant