How much money would i get if i trade-in the following games at gamestation?

i have 8 psp games:

>Family Guy Video Game

>Untold Legends

>The simpsons Game

>Chilli Con Carnage

>Jackass the Game

>Crazy Taxi: Fare wars

>Burnout Domination


(most have manuel)

These are all the games i am wanting to trade-in at gamestation, can any1 tell me how much i would get?


PSP games have lost quite a bit of value since the PS Vita has been given a release date I'm guessing between £15-20 or $30-40. It does not depend on who serves you it only depends on the quality of the game and it's packaging. Lack of a manuel can affect the price given.

Also take into account trading in for cash/store credit will equal 2 different amounts (store credit will gain more).


Somewhere around $60-$100. But I would guess it would be close to $75. $7-13 per game.


you could get anywhere from 5-10 to 20-30 depends on who is working that day in most stores.