Why can't I get my free ps3 games?

Well, what I do is account management-transaction management-services list. But then when I go to services list nothing shows up. I'm really getting annoyed by this and I just want my free games. Someone please help me!


Q: How long do I have to get into the PlayStation Store and receive my content for Welcome Back?

A: Access to the Welcome Back content will be expiring on July 3. Once this date has passed, the Welcome Back section in the PlayStation Store will be removed.


Go to the store it might be under welcome back program that's where mine were. But I only got 1 because it was being stupid for me


Did you choose your free games before July 3rd? Because the program ended on July 3rd, so if you didn't pick out your free games before then then you can't get them now. You had a whole month to do it, so you can't blame Sony for this one as they made it pretty clear.