My idea for a new COD game. I hope you like it.?

My idea is that Infinity Ward and Treyarch should work together to make a true COD. First,I would like it to be in World War 2, involving USA vs Japan, USA vs Germany, England vs Germany, and Russia vs Germany. I want the game to be made at the point where Call of Duty is ten years old. So there will be a normal edition of the game and a prestige edition called"Ten Years of COD Edition".

I would like it to be the finale of the WW2 cod games. After this game would be made. I think IW and Treyarch should start making games about:

The Korean War

The Gulf War

or Dessert Storm

Who likes my idea?


"USA vs Japan, USA vs Germany, England vs Germany, and Russia vs Germany"

I like. I've always thought of a WW2 idea. You do realise though, if that idea ever happened, 3arc and IW are so greedy, they'd made 4 separate games for each of those countries.


That is a great idea


That would be awesome


Nahh I think there's been enough WWII games but ur on 2 somtn w/ those other 3 wars


One major problem, Activision is too greedy. A game like that would take two years minimum and wouldn't make as much money as the yearly formula. Good idea though


I would just like to speak for Scotland, Ireland, wales and all of the islands and say that Its Britain, not england. to put in nicely their not half as good in battle as the rest.


Korean War needs to be done. But with WW2, it would be interesting to see China vs. Japan. Or a combination of that with some of the overlooked battles, like the Greco-Italian War and the Battle of Crete. WW2 is a corn on the cob that is almost completely chewed up. The industry needs to finish up and move on.


As long as it would be the "WW2 FPS to end all WW2 FPS games," it would be okay I guess. The problem is there are just so many WW2 games out there, that they become monotonous, so I would expect something incredible for make that game stand out.

I wouldn't mind seeing CoD games based off the Korean War, the first Gulf War (including Operation Desert Storm), and possibly Bosnia.