What are some good open world games for the PC?

I'm looking for a long open world game to just wander around, and do quest or missions for hours on end. I currently have crysis for that, and I've already beaten just cause games, and the elder scrolls games. I have the witcher 1 and 2 as well. i'm just looking for a big games that will take up a bunch of time. No grand theft auto games please :p

No Mafia games as well. As you can see I pretty much got the mainstream ones covered. I have tried Risen as well, but it sucks. Two Worlds 1 and 2 are horrible too. Any one know any that aren't these?


This is not an open world game, but it is very addictive and I think you will like it. Give it a shot and get at least level 5 before you judge =D

League of legends is an amazing game. You control a champion and fight other chamions (real players). You have to complete objectives with your team and push to the enemy base while they push to yours.

You have to try it out.…

Sigh up using this link and add me in game (Dyzek). By using this link you help me out, and later I'll help you out once you hit LEVEL 5. Make sure you hit level 5.

Best game ever. Try it out.

It is free and you can't buy power using money. Very fun.

P.S. Make sure to sigh up using this link.…


Minecraft is a game where you start out by yourself in nature, with no food shelter or anything besides the clothes on your back. You explore the randomly generated world and gather resources from the enviroment to create weapons and tools and build shelter before nightfall, when zombies and other monsters spawn and try to kill you. The enviroment can range from a rain forest to a desert. There are many underground caves you can explore.

Perfect World is like Chinese world of warcraft, except everything is free. The entire world is HUGE, and you can explore the entire world without being restricted to anything like "MEMBERS ONLY AREA BUY NOW" (Because this game doesn't have anything like that, and relies solely on people buying in-game fashion clothes with real money. These items can still be bought with ingame money though)

Last, Assassin's Creed Brotherhood. It puts you in Rome and you're free to run around and explore the landscape around you.


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