Is my Pokemon Soul Silver team good?

Now I'm not going to say specific movesets, because they are not the ones I will be keeping.

Just judge the Pokemon please and give me some feedback on Pokemon I could change maybe...

Here's my team (Defeated all the gym leaders, ready to do the Pokemon League 2nd Round and challenge Red):

Typhlosion Level 62

Vaporeon Level 57 (So are the rest)





Also, could you suggest places to train up these Pokemon to at least level 70?




prett good actually. instead of vaporeon i would have gyarados. very easy to get considering that you should have the super rod.




It's pretty good as long as you have a strong tank Pokemon with a Ground or Rock type attack.


it all depends on their moveset. i approve but raichu and typhlosion could struggle a bit.


Yeah it seems OK I guess. But it's harder to rate without the EVs, stats, and movesets. And why rate in-game teams? In-game is straightforward. WiFi is where it becomes more difficult.