Homefront...any good?

So my birthdays next week and I want to get a new game. I like the look of homefront. My questions are is it any good, and do many people play on Xbox live? Thanks for the replies and if I'll be saving some cash. If it is bad, can you recommend a game. I have red dead, just cause 2, saints row, cod 4 and 5 , brink and some oldish games. I want a good fun multiplayer as well.


Homefront is a very fun and action packed game. In my opinion get it. If you don't agree with me then download the demo, it is practacly the entire game (online muliplayer part of it) and you can then choose if u want it.


Don't get homefront. Get battlefield bad company 2 instead. and or pre order battlefield 3 (look at the trailers on youtube)


Personally i dont think homefront is worth the purchase, i believe there are WAY TO many fps games out there and that homefront is just adding to the too long list of fps's