Why doesn't my Black Ops have and "edit game options" on local?

I just bought Call of Duty Black Ops and I want to play on local with my friends but there's not a edit game options tab under the change map and change game mode.

I heard that it's an update you get and if it really is an update how do i get the update?

if its not an update whats wrong with what im doing, do i have to do something else before or do i have change something?!?!Pleaseeeee helppppp! Ill give best answer to the person who explains the best and gets the edit game options on my game to work!


Same thing happened to me. Its the last Title Update. It removed the Last Combat Training Prestige Glitch, the online prestige glitch, and the local game options. You can go to system settings->memory->your device "Hard Drive" -> games -> CoD: Black Ops -> and find the TU update, and delete it. then go back to Black Ops, Do NOT update, then go to local and you should have the options. Im still looking into this to find another way around it.


Do you play offline ? If so the same thing happened to me , bit I signed up for Xbox live and then it showed up