Skyrim: Can you change your name?

When I was creating my character at the begining of the game I accadentilly kept my name of 'Prisoner' and I want to change it to something other than that, can you?


No you cannot sadly.


don't think so unless pc. Otherwise just restart.


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No, you have to start over, hope your not to far in the game.


On the computer there's a hack that can let you change it. On any other system, no. If you're not too far in, just restart.


U can on the PC. I don't think u can on the consoles without starting a new game.

If u are playing on the PC follow these steps:

During gameplay press "~" (tilde) to engage the command console.

Then type this command: "showracemenu"

Press "enter" and "~" again to exit the command console.

Now click "done" and enter the new name of your player character.


If your playing on a computer you can you counsel commands to change the characters name among a wide variety of game parts. However is your playing on a game counsel (Xbox 360 or PS3) you cannot. In order to get a different name, you must create a new character.


On Pc or Mac just press ~ to open the console and say showracemenu and it will pop up and the thing at the beginning of the game will pop up and your progress will still be saved.