Any websites like pixiehollow or club penguin?

I would like a website for under 13's where u can create a person and stuff or a virtual pet website.

I would like a chat site BUT only certain words can be said thx


woozworld and woogiworld are kid safe websites i played them when i was lil (2 years ago LOL)

and try some facebook games they are really fun :)


habbo hotel


Stardoll and zwinkie :D


My daughter loves Moshi Monsters.


Hmmm... neopets is great :D I loved it so much. Also, Pet Society on facebook ;D

My two faves!


Try Toontown or Pirates of the Caribbean online.


I would say habbo but thats for over 13's

Neopets is your best bet, i played this when i was that age it is quite enjoyable and has loads of games to play on