2How can I persuade my parents to let me spend more time playing video games?

My parents are really strict and won't allow me to play video games very often, like during the Easter holiday I only played 4 hours in total!Advice?


I also agree with what the people who answered me before have written. But there is also another reason what you can say to your parents so they might let you play video games more. It has been proven to actually be good for your brain. It has shown that it can improve hand-eye coordination and improve memory as well. There is a link you can show to your parents in the source.


i'd have to day that the best thing you can do is try to get on their best sides. start doing more like dishes/mowing/etc. that way you'll make them happy. if they're on their bad side then just avoid them, believe me, you REALLY don't want to ask them questions when their ticked. and besides that, just do whatever you can to help then break the question.


you see, your asking the wrong question. My parents don't like me playing too many video games, but I still get in the time. Either:

A) Sneek it. Just play whenever they are not home, or on another floor

B) Go over to a friends house and play with them. It's a win win.

C) Murder your parents. Just eliminate the issue....

Just kidding. Preferably pick A or B..


Well it depends on why they're strict.

Is it because they're worried about your school? Show them your good marks and keep them that way, and make sure to finish your homework BEFORE you start playing.

If they think the game might influence or "corrupt" you, tell them that you're old enough and that you're able to handle that.

If they're worried about your health, like sitting in front of the game for too long, take a break between levels or online matches: just stand up and walk around and look away from the screen.

If they are scared that you'll become a shut in, hang out with your friends like you normally do too.

Don't worry if you can't play as much anyway. You can still play it sometimes.