Is there an incense that prevents you from getting shiny pokemon?

Is there an Incense prevent you from getting shiny pokemon? My friend says there is, but I don't know.


Actually, full incense on Snorlax will give you a Munchlax. Lax incense goes on Wobbuffet to create Whynut. I've been playing pokemon for as long as it's been out, and in all that time, I've found only one shiny on my own, a Geodude. I thought it was never going to happen. Like the others said, some incenses are used for breeding, the others are just hold items that boost pokemons' powers.




No, your friend is a liar.


No there is not a increase that prevents you from getting shiny Poke-Mon. I hope I helped you.


there is not. inscenes help breed baby pokemon. if you want a munchlax, you would breed a snorlax holding the lax incense(?)


No, its just really really rare to get shiny pokemon.


No, there's no incense that prevents you from getting a shiny Pokémon. Either your friend is completely misguided, or a total liar. And the reason that you haven't found a shiny Pokémon is because you find them by random chance. There is about a 1 in 8,912 chance of finding one, so it's not very likely. If your friend really found 3 shinies in the past week, I can only think of three explanations. One: Your friend used a cheating device, such as Action Replay. Two: Your friend is not telling the truth. Three: Your friend used a long and tedious method called 'Chaining' that raises your chances to about 1 in 200. If you don't know what Chaining is, look it up on your search engine. also has a really good guide about it.

But it's not weird at ALL that you haven't found a shiny. The chance is EXTREMELY slim. I have friends who have played Pokémon all the time for years that have never ever found a shiny in the wild. The only way I have EVER found a shiny is by chaining. I've never encountered one randomly, and I play a LOT of Pokémon- I mean, like, far more than normal, lol.