Which one PS3 vs XBOX?

Which one PS3 vs XBOX?


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Ps3 Pros:

1) Quiet

2) Motion sensitive controllers

3) You can use any Bluetooth headset, keyboard, mouse, etc....

4) Blu-ray

5) Lack of flashing lights on front of machine!

6) Built in wi-fi card

7) HDMI included

8) Free Online Community and Game Play

9) Tech support speaks english and appears to be located in America, they understood my name and my question.

10) Controllers come with built in rechargable battery and can be charged with any usb port.

11) easy to navigate menus

12) No ridiculous power brick, one cord, if you want to take your ps3 with you somewhere you only need the controller, the unit and the power cord.

Ps3 Cons:

1) No IR receiver, you can't use your regular universal remote to control the ps3 you need a bluetooth which means an extra remote.

2) Shape, this one sounds stupid, but the rounded shape of the ps3 really annoys me because you can't stack, say your wii, or even lay your remotes on top of the unit. (maybe you shouldn't do that anyhow LOL)

3) Less games, or at this point I guess the better point would be less games made for the ps3, instead of built for the xbox and ported to the ps3, this is however changing and in the future will be less of an issue.

Xbox 360 Pros:

1) Great online setup, lots of features which some may miss on the ps3, many probably will not

2) great game line up with a head start on ps3

3) Easy to navigate menus

4) Native Netflix Support

Xbox 360 Cons:

1) Noise

2) Build Quality

3) Online service is $50 per year.

4) Tech support, I have called xbox live support several times, it is impossible to get them to understand what the issue is or even my name, I even gave up once.

PlayStation 3…

Xbox 360 Console…


ps3 is better my opinion



4guys=xbox 360 elite


The correct answer is..... whichever one YOU prefer. Please stop trying to spark these old flame wars. They are really getting old.


this has to be the most annoying question on yahoo. why am i answering it? because i cant let it go without saying that ps3 rulesssssssss! dont get me wrong xbox has superior online play to ps3. but the actual play on the ps3 is magnificent. i vote ps3!


PS3, has a blue ray and over all better graphis BUT,

the Xbox has a WAY better community of gamers and people are generaly good at gaming, for PS3 people usualy suck at the games online, so if you are lookin to own people easily get a ps3 but if you want agood community to game with get a Xbox.

ooh yes and did i mention XBOX has Halo..... win.



ohh ok thats better but if i were you enter this in the search box at the top and read carefully through the previous questions(theres about 40 billion of them) because all youll get is

fanboy A: ohh PS£ FTW LOL ROFL ...whatever

Fanboy B: No way xbox ftw omfg ...whatever

look at exclusives and controllers they are the only deciding factors


I would say PS3 because I think in the long run it will be able to keep doing more than the Xbox 360 can. 360 still uses DVDs and games are starting to become more advanced and will not be able to fit on those anymore. PS3 uses Blu-Ray which has about 10x the capacity of DVDs and can produce better graphics. Also with Blu-ray movies on the rise PS3 will be able play those for you. Best of both worlds.