Which xbox360 games are compatible with the xbox?

i just got an xbox today, but most of the games out now are for the xbox360. so do the xbox360 games work on the xbox? thank you!


No. The Xbox 360 came out after the Xbox, and so the games do not work on the original Xbox. They're too advanced. Although it works the other way, Xbox games work on an Xbox 360.


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Here it is the simple one..

Xbox360 is greater than Xbox

~So it means Xbox can't overcome Xbox360 because it is too small

~Xbox games can be played at Xbox360 console but not as vice versa.


All 360 games are compatible with the Xbox, provided that you pay someone to upgrade your Xbox to a 360.


None I believe. Xbox games are compadable with Xbox 360. But the 360 games aren't compadable with the old Xbox.


No. Forwards compatibility was not programmed in. Also, none of the XBOX LIVE servers for original Xbox games are running anymore.


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absolutely not :(