GenF20 Plus side effects? Is this HGH pill any good?

GenF20 Plus is a well known HGH releaser or supplement that is supposedly good for aging people like baby boomers like me. But does it give you any nasty side effects? Just curious.


Yes, this antiaging pill does deliver. You can read all about it in the sources box below but just to summarise, GenF20 Plus is a hgh releaser and not a hormone.

It helps your body produce more of the master hormone, HGH, so that you can slow the aging process. You will have more energy, stronger teeth, stronger bones, younger skin, more muscle mass, higher libido, higher metabolism, etc. In other words, you will get back some of the benefits of youth you have taken for granted years ago!

Here's a good review:


GenF20 is one of the leading Human Growth Hormone rseeaelrs readily available in the market, worldwide, and is approved by doctors as a scientifically formulated product. A HGH releaser is a natural agent that stimulates the pituitary gland to enhance the production of the Human Growth Hormone, naturally. Since, the releaser stimulates the natural process (not substituting the production of HGH like HGH injections) it is considered to be the safe and cost effective. There are several other natural ways in which one can stimulate the pituitary gland to increase the production of the Growth Hormone: