Is there a natural or home remedy for migraines?

I get at least 2 a month :( meds not working


Not really. 2 a month is insufficient for migraine prophylaxis, but if pain killers are not solving the problem there are many migraine specifics, some such as Imigran (the oldest,) are now available over the counter.


i usually sleep them off


Coffee and water.


Drink water water water water!

Lack of water has said to be the cause of some migraines/headaches

and also the best cure!


I get migranes sometimes, and they just happen for no reason very often. Sleep, plenty of water and some relaxation usually relieves bad headaches.


Fever-few plant that you can grow in your garden. It has a bitter taste but you can eat it in a sandwich with bread and butter.The plant flowers but you eat the leaves. I think you can buy it in tablet form from health shops.


-drink some coool, clean natura water (though most people have tap, that will do)

-hold a warm, wet piece of fabric or a leaf(if ur going natural) over your face and forehead, lay in a dark

- do this ^^^ and distance your self in an outside environment away from noise and others


For the next month, keep careful track of what you eat, what you drink, how much and when. Keep track of when you went to sleep and when you woke up, what kind of exercise you get. You're looking for patterns, things that might be triggering your migraines. Too much caffeine at a certain time of day? A particular dairy product, or maybe something with a particular preservative? If you can do some detective work and find things that make your migraines more likely, maybe you can alter your diet, schedule or activities to make the migraines less common.