Can i get high from bonine (cyclizine hydrochloride)?

I have a box of chewable tablets, bonine for kids. it's for motion sickness. there are 11 tablets inside, each with 25 mg of cyclizine HCL. So I was wondering.. can this get me high? and how many would i have to take.. and what sort of high would it be? Anyone with personal experience out there... I've tried googling it and haven't gotten far.


I doubt it. Better bet would be the plain old benadryl. In my opinion, benadryl is MORE interesting/fun that alcohol, but I am one of those weird people who doesn't like the effects of alcohol anyways.

100 mg benadryl = delirious buzz, marked lack of coordination (like getting drunk)... it makes your thoughts 'go quiet'

200 mg benadryl = occaisonal bugs skittering away before you get a good look at them, drifting in and out of where you are into some weird hybrid between a daydream and a dream, don't even think about walking any considerable distance or even pouring a glass of water, pupils dialated, body completely relaxed yet twitching... everything has this intense dreamy feel to it, you can't be sure what is going on

I wouldn't call any of that high. Once you realise you can't string more than two words together in your head in a logical manner, and parodoxically can't sleep in the unpleasant state... you just want it over. The next day your throat will be completely dried up and sore


No at least not with childrens medicine. The adult ones may but youll probably just blow out your kidneys before you get high so dont try it or ur just plain crazy.


You won't get high. It will make you fall asleep. Also it will make you constipated, cause dry eyes, and cause dry mouth. The max dose for an adult is around 100 mg. Taking larger doses of the drug can cause you to stop breathing.