Do I Need Braces? (10 POINTS!)?

On my first appointment my dentist said that I needed to get my baby tooth that was blocking the path of a grown up tooth extracted! He said after it would be taken out we will wait a year to see any change.

A month ago (may 24th) I got the baby that wouldnt come out extracted and now the permenant one is up higher than the rest of my teeth... My dentist said we will wait untill september for it to fall into place so i guess he wants it to happen naturally. Though I think he was thinking maybe 4 months is all it needs time for.

He also said after I got it taken out (which was SOOO painful!) that after we get it checked in four months (september) we might help it with and i quote "dental braces you kno? TRAIN tracks!" haha made me laugh which was kinda hard to do....

So is it probable that my tooth with fall into place? will i need braces? cause if it doesnt im not just gonna let it stay like that....

Please no stupid answers...

How long will i also have to wait to get braces after they say i need them? my dentist reccomends sure smile since its faster.


I think the best way for me to judge this is to see a picture. But if you do get them get ready for the dentist to stick 10 things in your mouth and have the WORST aftertaste on the planet.


i got braces because my top teeth went over my bottom teeth and i had mine for like 8 months and it hurt only when i went and got then tightened

its not all that bad and sometime you can pick what color you want..

good luck