Do braces hurt getting them on tightened and off?

Do braces hurt getting them on tightened and off?


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not really. It may throb a little, and hurt to bite, but not hair ripping out, gut wrenching pain. you should be fine.


Getting them on doesn't hurt at all. The worst pain from braces was like the few days after they were tightened. It just makes your teeth hurt.


Your teeth will ache for a few days after you get them on. It will be a little difficult to eat at first. Then, they shouldn't bother you until you get them tightened. Each time you get them tightened it hurts for a day or two, but then it goes away. It's really not that bad. Having them taken off doesn't hurt at all. :)


It depends what dentist you have, but usually they are gentle. I got braces where you change the color every time you tighten them... Anyways, they don't hurt AT ALL when you get them on, but afterwards theres an ache its probably the worst one you will get.. like worse than the tightening, so just do something fun and it will get your mind off of it. I went to the mall and my friends made me forget allllll about it. When you get them tightened it doesn't hurt but afterwards theres an ache not to bad though. And off doesn't hurt at all:) Hope I helped! xoxo


well not really my brother is getting braces in a few months so dont get so scared about it and it depends.


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When you first get your braces on, sure, they'll ache for a while (a few days to a week, maybe more). Just eat soft foods like yogurt, ice cream, pasta .. and you'll be fine. It also aches, but not as much, after getting them tightened, and it usually only lasts a couple of days, not too long. I haven't gotten mine off yet, but my sister who has has told me they don't hurt so much as they feel weird and slimey from having braces on your teeth for so long. Apparently the orthodontist just takes pliers and pulls 'em off! Ouch! Don't worry, though. It's not as bad as it sounds!

Hope this helped!


they don't hurt so much as they ache. It's really a'll have to stick to softer foods and soups for a day or two. but it typically varies from orthodontist to orthodontist, mine loved to tighten them as much as possible to move my teeth faster and get me finished earlier. your experience may not be quite the same.