I just got rubber bands put in my braces and it HURTS?

So I just went to the orthodontist yesterday and apparently I got rubber bands put on my braces. So after a few minutes I was like, "Okay, this doesn't hurt." But the following night it REALLY hurt. And this morning it hurts too. On Friday, I am going on vacation (Fri-Sun) and I really don't want my gums/teeth hurting. (It's happened before on vacation and it SUCKS.) So if I take off the rubber bands, will the pain go away? Then I will just put them back on Monday? Is this okay?



I just had the same problem! I was going on vacation and I wanted to take them out but then I was stupid and actually did it. The pain did go away but then when I put them back in it just got worse. After a few days the pain went away and it was like wearing no rubber bands because I got used to it. If you just don't take them out by the time you go on vacation the pain will be gone! Just take lots of advil or tylenol and it helps soo much! You will get your braces off sooner this way as well, as long as you wear them the time that they told you (:


It hurts at first,but you need to wear them consistently or else it'll delay getting your braces off......the pain will go away,I promise!


You shouldn't take off the bands any longer than your orthodontist approves. Take some ibuprofen for the pain until you get used to the new movement.


Yeah, the pain is the stress on your teeth and gums - eventually (a few days) the strain/stress on the teeth and gums will reduce and it won't hurt anymore :)


Remember wheb you first got braces? How they didn't hurt until later? Well getting rubber bands is the same pain as getting braces. The only way to make the pain go away is to get used to them, you couldn't take off your braces when your teeth hurt, so don't take off the rubber bands whenever your teeth hurt. Only take them off when you're eating and brushing your teeth. Sleeping in them has really helped me get used to them so I recommend that you do the same.