Can I keep my overbite if I get braces?

I know it sounds strange, but I like my overbite. It makes my face smaller and more round, if it was fixed I would have an extremely masculine jaw line. Thing is, I NEED braces, my two front teeth are severely crooked. Will an orthodontist be able to just make my teeth straight and leave my overbite alone?


Yes. Braces correct your teeth not your jaw. However if you get rubber bands, they will correct your jaw. (:


Whats the point?


Braces are not on the jaw line/bone..... they correct your teeth,


Overbites are not good. They damage your jaw over time.

It won't affect your jaw much, just your teeth.


I've had braces too, and I had an overbite. When they say they are going to fix your overbite it doesn't do too much, they just but rubber bands on the ends of your braces. I didn't like the idea of them fixing my overbite at first but it isn't bad at all, not really even a difference as far as I can tell.