Should i keep brushing, or take a little break?

So i recently went to the dentist for a normal hygiene appointment, and my dentist told me that i have gingivitis. He then showed me pictures of what it can turn into (periodontitis) and i really dont want that. He told me that gingivitis is reversible, i just have to brush the crap out of my gums. he told me that they would most likely bleed for a week or two until they toughen up. But the last two days, ive been brushing twice a day, and making sure to get my gums. The only problem is they are always sore now and it looks like theyre almost getting damaged. should i chill on the brushing for a day or two to let them recover or keep at it? I dont want to damage the new gum tissue, but i also dont want the gingivitis to come back. any help?


Get a softer brush. When brushing along the gum-line don't just go back and forth like you do over the teeth, take the brush and with the bristles at a 45 degree angle start at the gums and brush upwards, this also helps and reduces the damage to the gums. Same goes with the top ones. Start at the gums and brush downwards.


Keep brushing . Get a soft toothbrush , or a water sprayer that people with braces use , and gently clean your teeth . It will take some time , but don't be so harsh on your gums right now .