Half of my tooth just randomly chipped loose?

Last night I was eating a pretzel and all of a sudden I felt something in between my teeth. I thought it was food, but it was a piece of my tooth that got loose! It's a small portion of the bottom left molar. What should I do? What if it falls out later? Should I brush that tooth or will that make it come out? It doesn't hurt or feel different at all, a piece of my tooth just literally popped loose so I wiggled it to make sure it was the tooth and I put it back in place but something obviously needs to be done about it. Maybe it's rotten?


Actually, you wouldnt necessarily feel it if it was rotten. My wisdom tooth did just exactly what your tooth has done back in Oct. The reason it chipped off is that I had a cavity (that I never did feel) and it weakened the tooth. My whole tooth them became infected, and it really only hurt me for about 2 days. I just had it removed this morning.

My other wisdom tooth was rotten a few years back and I didnt feel any pain (and therefore didnt get anything done about it) for well over a year...not to smart. It chipped many times and I never had any pain.

Bottom line...if your tooth broke its because there is something wrong. You need to get to a dentist before further complications arise. If it isnt a wisdom tooth then there may be a good chance that the tooth can be saved if you get in and get to it before it rots too much. If it is a wisdom tooth or it is infected you want it pulled out before you run into serious medical complications like a blood infection or heart trouble. Rotten teeth are nothing to kid around with.


If it was rotten - you'd feel it, trust me.

You need to get the broken piece removed and built up with a filling to preserve your natural tooth. Otherwise it will go rotten AND cost you a ton of money.