How do I make my braces stop hurting!?

Ugh I just got my braces today and after a couple hours my teeth started to hurt more and more!..... It hurts a lot and idk what to do?! I already took 3 pills of advil! (thats the limit) i took the pills like 2 hours ago and It didnt help at all! OMG and I cannot imagine how much worse the pain will be tomorrow! (Which will be day 2) the second day usual ends up hurting a lot for sure....... So somebody please help me! For 10 points please help! ;(


That's good that you're taking some meds! Your teeth are shifting and straightening so you are going to feel a lot of pressure and yes it hurts sooo much! I still remember that day. I ate mashed potato, jello, and pudding for about a week or two! Use some wax if the metal is rubbing against your cheeks. Good luck! Hope i helped.


smoke marijuana


the orthodontist used to give me that dental wax, it helped quite a bit.


take some Tylenol 3 or oxycodone


It takes TIME for them to stop hurting. Take tylenol. The pain goes away after a while once your lips and teeth get used to the pressure and weird new objects in your mouth.


I just got my braces on a month ago and i beleive thats normal. My teeth felt sore and achey. My braces also began to rub against my right cheek which bothered me. If your problem lasts over a week co sult you orthodoniat because its a problem with your braces.


its not ur braces that are hurting.

its ur teeth.

they are shifting.

ur teeth r bones so its like ur bones r moving into a certain position.

i kno how u feel because the day i got them i was in a lot of pain.

i regretted it at the time.

take ur pain meds & dont over dose.

ull get used to it soon & it shud feel better in two days or so.

after u get them off, ull have perfectly straight teeth & u wont regret it.

just do what ur orthodontist tells u.

ull be just fine & ull love ur new smile.