Are molars supposed to fall out?

i'm 12 years old turning 13 and i was chewing candy when one stuck on my tooth and i got it out with my tongue. it did not hurt or anything but now it seems like its tilted or changed its position because it feels weird and whenever i bite i hear a click. i'm not sure if it fell out before, and i'm really worried.


It must be your baby molars which will be replaced with adult premolars. Don't worry. It wont be a permanent tooth. Roots of baby tooth must be resorbed, that's why it must have come so easily.


Yep. All of my molars fell out, don't worry about it. :)


Well, it isn't really good at your age because one won't grow back in it's place, but it's fine. If you are getting braces later on it should all be good.


I dont think that they are supposed to, but if it needs to be pulled out then have it done, but if it starts to become loose your mouth wants it out