I am so DESPERATE to grow taller! H-E-L-P!?

I'M A GIRL. I am 17 (18 on october) and my height is 5 flat. I'm so short! I really really want to grow taller. Any tips or advices? I know i can still grow taller. I don't want to lose hope. My Dad's height is 5'5'' and mum is 5'4". I have a sixteen yr old brother he's 5'6" but i know he will still grow taller coz he's a boy. Anyway, what sort of foods should i eat and exercises should i do? pls i really want to grow like up to 5'5" or if lucky 5'8".


To maximize your potential of further growth, follow these tips:

Consume foods rich with calcium and vitamin D

Sleep 8-9 hours a night as your body releases more growth hormone when you are calm & relaxed

Exercise daily and make sure you stretch

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The only things that stunt growth in our lifestyles can all be directed to just common sense if you have a lousy nutrition everyday, if you lack the proper/essential/beneficial foods to eat daily, it won't necessarily stop you from growing, but it doesn't exactly increase the chances, either. Also, lack of flexibility has shown to hinder more growth, as the muscle tissues around your growing bones may or may not be the most potentially stretched. Just in general, nothing really stunts growth, but simple things such as getting at least 6-8 hours of sleep (hormones levels are released during sleeptime, producing growth; also, to rebuild muscle and give energy), staying physically fit (cardio, aerobic/anaerobic variations), and simply staying active thoroughout the day is all a pathway to growth. There are ebooks sold online that claim to teach you the secrets of growing taller they are scams no ebook can make you grow taller and if you really want to grow taller even after puberty then check this out or I heard about it on a health forum strangely enough. I tried it not expecting much since l am 27....and I have been using it for 3 Months and I actually bought it for my legs ,l see a 2 inches difference in my legs already. it has worked really well for me. Some companys are now making already mixed versions, it works though there isn't much for scientific evidence supporting the manufacturer's claim, but it works, also my friend tried it and it really worked out well for her too.


I was 5" when I was 17 too. Now I am 5'4 and I'm 20.

I'm not sure what I did in particular besides eating healthy and eating beans and protein. I just hit a growth spurt around 18-19. I think eating more calories can make you grow taller, though I'm not sure.

Try exercises that stretch and bend your legs. Running, skateboarding, dancing, etc.