How to (possibly) get emo-skinny fast?

READ HERE FIRST! By saying "emo-skinny", I'm not saying nor intend to imply that ALL emos and scenes are skinny. I just felt that I needed to make that clear.

Okay. Im 5'2 and 146lbs (15 yrs old), I'm looking for a way to lose about 30lbs. I have a tendency to be quite lazy with my workout regimen and I don't really eat that much, but when I do, it's almost always junk food.

I'm contemplating taking up a vegetarian diet. A lot of the emo/scene icons that have the body I'm looking for have taken up and followed a vegetarian or vegan diet. At this point I'm looking for a way I can lose this weight without picking up any unhealthy habits or starving myself. I'm willing to change my workout and eating habits in order to effectively lose this weight.

Please please please don't put any stupid comments or anything, I'm looking for some real advice and a good plan to use.

oh, and also, if possible, try to estimate how long it would take to lose this weight with whatever diet you suggest.


I would invest in a juicer (goodwill or garage sale for under $10) Then start juicing away. Lots of veggies and fruits and drink the juice for one meal replacement. Work your way up to be able to do a three day juice fast once a month. It will make you lose a lot of weight fast, it will get rid of a lot of toxins in your body, and it will give you a lot of the vitamins you need as a growing teenager. You could have the juice for breakfast, then eat what you normally do. I would make something like apple carrot pineapple or something like that with a mixture of a few fruits and one vegetable. Cucumbers are great for skin elasticity to avoid getting stretch marks from losing weight.

I would say you could lose approximately 3 pounds or more per week doing that, and that would only take you like 2 and a half months to get to where you would like to be.

Also, don't do any exercises that will bulk you up like lifting weights, but adding a little extra walking to your day will help get off a few pounds quick too.


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most 'emo' or 'scene' girls are bulemic or annorexic or both. trust me, i was one and had that kind of body. it actully isnt attractive in real life because you still have cellulite becaue what little body mass you have is fat, not muscle. it just looks good online beause of alll the photoshop they do. its disgusting.