Shopping for low fat foods?

How many people would like to see a food section completely just for low fat foods and snacks?

I think it would be less of a temptation and a lot less searching for us!


That would be a brilliant idea!

Reduced fat/half fat/low fat

Trouble with these you have to watch the added sugar as this can be more than in the full fat, they take the fat away but sometimes add more sugar, so you still have to read the labels if you are on a low calorie diet.

I look for the blue label 'eat smart', not enough options though.

Things like chickpeas are really good, slight nutty taste, filling, add to anything, eat on their own, I add to onion, tin toms, courgette, ect; mash a few down in the pan adding curry powder and a spoon of low fat yoghurt. Makes a practically fat free meal. I even like to just eat them on their own as a snack.

Hmmm what about plain home popped popcorn.


There is one - it's called the fruit and veg section!


I really hate when you ask a question and they send you to a website that doesn't even help.

I agree low fat foods and snacks just one section--be great!