Is it possible to go from skinny to curvy?

i am TIRED of being skinny, and tired of the boys all going for the curvy girls...soo this summer i really want to work on gainingg weight in all the right places and go to curvy..

Are there any foods/excercises i need to eat/do to gain weight!

and is it possible to go from skinny to curvy?


If you are skinny- bony and stuff, then your just like me.

I think you might have a high metabolism, and over eating (i tried that, it just made me feel sick) and stuffing yourself with junk is no going to help, it's simply unhealthy.

I am happy the way I am, I just tell myself that I won't be skinny forever, as I grow older, I will hopefully be slim instead of skinny.


Ohh BE CAREFUL doing this, or all the fat could go to the places were you dont want it (e.g. Belly, thighs, back of arms)

I would just stick to your natural, beatiful self, dont change yourself for a man! be happy in your own skin and one day you wil be someone's ideal woman!


I think it just depends on your shape, there's websites which can help determine that, you just need a measuring tape.


try eating more meaty things, try to workout in the aerobic section of the gym, try to thicken the 'buns' lol and also do squats for that 'shape' like a half circle around the butt.