Is it possible to lose 15 pounds in a week?!?

Is it possible to lose 15 pounds in a week?!?


unless you're 250 lbs, there's no way and even if you did it would be mostly water weight.


Hi, i lose weight 10kg in 1 month, if you want some advice, glad to share experience with you.



It's possible but it's not healthy or feasible. The faster you lose weight the faster it comes back. Unless you're aiming for a weight limit in a sporting event or something and it's only a one shot deal you're better off taking it slower and focusing on a longer term goal.


They do it on the biggest loser by having personal trainers and working out for HOURS every day and having their food monitored. google the biggest loser diet and follow it :) it might not work unless your obese though


yes, it is possible

just watch at those people from the biggest loser show.

Wow, they are that fat.

I just check up their information

if I am right, their record for the most weight loss in a week is 34 pounds


*100 pounds less than 250 pound

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