Help With Caffeine Withdrawals?

I normal drink 6 24oz bottles of Diet Mountain Dew a day, but since starting a diet I decided to cut out all the pop yesterday as well. Today I am having horrible headaches and I am very tired, which I'm guessing is attributed to the loss of caffeine. Is there anything I can do to get over the headaches and tiredness until I get used to not having caffeine? Thanks...I'll choose a best answer! =)

23 minutes ago - 4 days left to answer.


Nope, only time will help you detox, however, increasing your water intake and extreme sweating (going to a sauna or a Bikram yoga class) can help speed up that process.


One alternative is to not completely cut out the caffeine - and just reduce it day by day.

If you want extra energy make sure you are eating good healthy and balanced meals. things like bananas will give you great energy and make sure you are VERY hyrated to prevent headaches. After about two weeks you should stop craving.