Which P90x plan is best for me?

im not fat but i need to burn a little fat off so which plan should i do classic, doubles, or lean?


Lean is ideal if you're a female who is just looking to tone and do more cardio.

Doubles is ideal if you're an athlete wanting to prepare for your sport. (Hence, the word doubles. You double everything you do. So unless you're as fit as an Olympic athlete, don't do doubles.)

Classic is the one I'd go with. It's what I do. I'm just looking to tone and it does the job. It would do the job in weight loss too. It's perfectly intense, enjoy.


Doubles = Too hard.

Lean = Too light

Classic = Just right!


Classic. The little bit of muscle you'll add will aid in burning calories and fat


If you can manage doubles then go for it. Honestly though, losing that fat will have more to do with the food you eat than exercise.