Looking for good, comfortable shoes?

Ok so I have sensitive feet so I am constantly looking for comfy shoes. Right now I have converse all stars and vans tennis shoes, both of which are fine for short distances but start killing my feet after a while. I like the design of the "Adidas Originals Dragon" shoes because they look really comfortable. Has anyone tried these shoes? Or any shoes in general that people have had good luck with?


I have a problem getting comfortable shoes too. Try Ecco shoews. I have found they are the best.


i often buy shoes by internet,Recent i find a new website which believe you can find something

you like.


Get the RBK that shape your butt, it probably needs shaping............... (vote me for best answer i need pts)


Shoes for what? General walking? Running?

Asics are good running shoes. Go to a specialized foot/shoe store to test the ones you like and not the over-marketed brands because those sales rep know nothing.