Make Yourself Throw up Once?

For the record, I'm not bulimic, this doesn't have to do with feeling bad about my body. I just ate way too much junk food for a movie night and I feel sick and gross. I want to throw it up to feel better but I don't know whether that would be better or worse for me. Throwing up is gross and I'm pretty sure the acid does damage to the esophagus but if it's one time would it be okay?


No. It's never healthy to do that. My bulimia started when one day I had too much after school for a snack and felt full, so I made myself throw up, just once. Big mistake. I started feeling worse about my body, throwing up more often; I developed bulimia, it turned my teeth yellow, I have like acid reflux now...terrible. Purging your food even just once is terrible. The best thing to do is take a Tums or some Pepto-bismal and hope you feel better. Sleep it off if you have to but don't do anything drastic, please. It's just not worth it, even just once.


Well I used to be bulimic, I dont know if ull be able to throw up once, like im not saying youll get addicted and blah blah blah im not preaching Im saying that it takes practice to be able to throw up. So most likely youll just gag. Ill tell you how but I dont think youll be able to on your first try,,, you stick your fingers down your throat index and middle, and push as far back as you can when ur gagging DONT immidietly take your fingers out, keep them there through the gag and youll vomit. The first few gags nothing will come up but then after about 3 minutes youll be throwing up... Im not condoning this, but since your looking for answers I might as well answer right?


Don't do it. Take some pepto bismol and drink a glass of water.


No it wouldn't be okay trust me please don't do it if you just over eat to much today don't eat tomorrow and save it from the food last night. ONCE you threw up your ruin your stomach damaging it severally.You could just work around the house a lot clean the bathroom the whole floor by hand will burn a lot of those calories.


Seriously, just drink some water and go to bed. You won't feel as stuffy in the morning.

Only make yourself throw up, ever, if you've eaten something poisonous and have medical advice that making yourself vomit is the best thing to do. Otherwise, don't do that. Definitely NOT good for you.