Im 97.8 pounds and im only 9 years old turning 10. I am 4'7. Am i fat.?

Am i fat. Im 97.8 pounds for a 9 year old who is 4'6 for height. Am i fat.


i calculated your bmi and you're not fat. you're not even overweight.

you don't need to be worried about being overweight at this age!

go outside and play and have FUN! :)

you're still growing and once you get taller you will get slimmer.


Actually, to be honest, you aren't fat....a chart that shows 4 feet 10 inches, says that 100 is on the low side, and since you are 4 feet 7 inches, and 97.8, you're not really going to be considered FAT, and plus, girly, you're nine! Go out and have some fun instead of worrying about your weight! :D


Yes, you are. You're age/height should be an average of 87.5 pounds.


You are 9. You should not be worrying about being fat at this stage. But if all you do is stay inside on Yahoo answers worrying about "being fat" instead of outside playing then perhaps you will be fat once you are older.


Yes, for 4'6 maybe slightly, yes.