Weight lose fast someone please help!?

I have 37 days until i go back to school. I am a girl, 13 years old( going into grade 8) I am 5'1 and i wight 125 pounds. I really want to get to about 110 pounds. I have to loose 15 pounds to achieve this. Is it possible to loose 15 pounds in this amount of time? I really want to do this not because I want to be a skinny twig but its so I can be healthy. I personally think that loseing this amount of weight will help me feel better in my everyday life and give me more energy. If anyone has any tips please help! Thanks


I was 5'0 5'1 in eight grade, and weighed in the 130's. Now I'm 5'3 and weight 107 108. I started working out in eight grade by running on a treadmill 15 - 20 minutes everyday, and eating right. I have a bad habit of eating junk food and was always at home on my computer or watching tv. So going outside and doing activities with your friends helps you stay in shape and keep your mind off food. Hope this helps. =]


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Hey! You answered my question and now I'm answering yours :). I lost 10 pounds in 2 weeks without much of anything. Run/walk anytime possible. I walked about 1 day a week for 30 minutes. Don't eat past 7 pm if you can help it. If you like swimming, running, dancing, ect. then try it when you can.

Also, Get at least 7 hours of sleep! The more you sleep the less your eating. :)


It is possible to lose weight quickly but you should be realistic and take on board that if you lose weight rapidly then you will probably put it all back on again just as rapidly. I lost 8 pounds over the past few weeks when I had a wedding to go to, and I did it by following the tips supplied on the site in the box below.