How long would it take to burn 52 pounds of fat?

52 pounds that's all I need....Just 52 pounds to burn off of fat. I've worked out for years off and on. I'm wanting to keep majority of the muscle I've earned over the years but I need to burn off the fat. Do I need more carbs to burn off the fat or less carbs to burn off the fat? The protein I already know keeps the muscle at bay, but for the fat to come off...less or more carbs? I'm doing high intensity cardio by the way.


Okay well:

52 X 3500= 182 000 calories needed to burn

Say you burn 400 calories/hour on an exercise bike:

182 000 / 400 = 455 hours

Now you need to keep in mind that you need to eat less calories than you burn and have a good diet. Good luck.


You should lose about 2 pounds per week, so 26 weeks.


182,000 kcalories. 500 kcal deficit per day is almost 1 year, 364 days!