Is it normal to look and feel fat when you have your period?

I've been trying to lose weight as of 6 days ago. It appeared to be working (i have been dieting extremely) and today i woke up with my period, i feel so bloated and i even look bloated around the stomach area.

Is this normal and will it go away when my period is over?



Yes, it's normal and it will go away.

Meanwhile, to get rid of bloat you should drink at least 8 cups of water every day to flush out your system and lose water weight.


Its completly normal, and yep it does go away.


Yes, bloating is normal during that special time of the month.


yes i get the same problem and some people do put on weight about 3lbs when on their period. i have a belly that sticks out a little bit and when i start the stomach are sticks out in line with my belly. weird


yeah it's bloating and normal, plus with the cravings and extra yo might eat with your period it may also cause your body to feel that way, but yes it does go away after your period is over.