How to get hourglass figure?

so okay i was wondering if there are anyways to get a tiny waist and bigger hips. im 12 years old so would it be good to start doing these exercise now? also i really want to gain at least 2inches to my waist because right now my shoulders are wider then my hips by just an inch. someone once told me once that if you sit alot it gives u big hips because i asked how come lots of teachers have like huggee waists?! but anyway is there anything to do and anything that could make the illusion of an hourglass figure? also remember im only 12 soo i wouldn't really enjoy wearing a corset thanks!:]


ok so your 12, you shouldnt be worrying about getting an hourglass figure...your going to gain weight when you go through puberty...i would weight to start getting an hourglass figure when you turn 15.....rite now your a kid things : ) if you dont later youll regret it


your 12! Your young it will happen eventually


12? Your hourglass has yet to come. Stay fit. When puberty hits hard you'll notice fat accumulation in you butt, hips, and chest which will give you the figure you desire. Slow down and be patient, it will come.