Im fat and want an opinion.?

I just turned 17, and I have this suden burst of motivation. I can't explain to you what happened but I never felt this way before. Nothing ever similar to this. I just have all this strength all of a suden. Im 265 and 5'8. I should be 170. I have about 90 pounds to lose. I started walking 20 miles a day, and now im buying from whole foods, so I can get out of the proccessed foods. Im cuting out pastas and breads. No soda candy, basicaly eating smaller meals, and more of them yet healthier. And drinking a hell of a lot of water. I feel like I can go on like this for ever. I feel better about myself. Im doing better in school i feel, less stressed nad more sleep. This is over a week btw. I feel like ive missed a whole life time away feeling sad lonely and fat.

Ive made a list of things I want to do.

Learn to play piano

learn guitar

take karate

do kick boxing

take dance lessons

learn french and latin.

Lose weight and feel better

and then get ripped. Abs and everything.

I want to look good, change my life and live to the fullest, most importantly feel good.

Im not putting a time limit on this because thats always put me down.

But im wondering am i hyping myself up for the imposible.

Can a person really go from fat to fit?

Opions please.


of course they can! and im glad your getting healthy im trying to do the same thing! :)


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Yes all the time


Of course ! Have u seen any of those wright loss shows ( biggest losers, 15 and fat ) they did it go tone gym and get healthy and u will look perfect soon :)


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