Is this enough to lose 40 pounds?

i way 215ish pounds. i want to get down to around 180-160 by like the end of june. everyday i go to the gym and run on the treadmill for an hr at 4. and i plan on increasing the speed by about .2 or 3 every few days until i can actually run and not jog. after the treadmill i go on the eliptical for about 30-60 min and burn another 400 calories. combined this is about 1100 calories burned a day. im trying to watch what i eat too.

is this enough exercise to lose this kind of significant weight in 6-7 months?yes or no

also, i have chaffing on my inner thighs, as i lose weight will the chaffing stop too? thanks


it should be enough exercise as long as you also balance this with eating the right foods. if you do that you should be good!


That cardio is great but it will be tough to lose that much without adding in some weight training. Stop by and check out some of the home workout programs as well as the supplements. Home workout programs are great. You might even want to think about getting shakeology as it will increase your metabolism and reduce your cravings to help your weight loss.