Anyone have anorexia?

Well basically, I've lost about 6 kg in the last two weeks. I'm not thin...I'm fat and so i started eating less food but its become really bad, because I eat about 100 cals a day but I do not feel hungry and I'm only 13. I don't know why but I'm scared, and I don't know what of, I just always feel scared. My mum has noticed but whenever she talks to me about it I break down and cry. My mum thinks I have anorexia, but I'm not thin...I'm fat and I just genuinely never feel hungry.

And please, I do not want any hate, just some help, it would mean a lot. Thank you



No matter what size or weight you are you should never eat less than 1000 calories a day without consulting a doctor. Anorexia is an illness that takes time to develop so I don't think you have it yet, but over time you could develop anorexia. Losing that much weight in such short time is unhealthy and you will be more likely to gain it back quickly. Your lack of hunger may be what is causing you to not feel hunger because you have convinced your body you aren't hungry when in actuality your body needs more food. Your fear is probably a result of your insufficient nutrition because your body is in survival mode and it realizes that you will become weak and vulnerable from the little calories you're taking in. I have struggled with body image for years and I have to say that I am healthier, thinner, and happier now that I eat regularly and healthy. Just try to eat slowly and snack throughout the day. I believe in you. I hope this helps. Be safe.


im almost anorexic ALMOST!


WOW I take in 3500 cals a day (roughly) but 100 cals to me wouldnt even feel like I was eating


Well...100 cals a day? If you don't feel hungry after that, you should go to the doctor, because the average growing teen needs about 2,000 cals a day. Talk to an adult you trust, and you can fix this. :)


Yes, you are at the starting point of anorexia.

Most of the time, the girl or boy will start out overweight and become extremely thin. This is VERY unhealthy. Since you are only eating100 calories a day, the fat you do intake your body will save; this can cause you to actually GAIN weight. Not what you want.

What you need to do is start exercising and eating at least 1800 HEALTHY calories a day. No junk food! Try sticking to fruits and vegetables most of the time.

I know the routine I gave you sounds harder but it is worth it in the end. You can talk to any girl that has had anorexia and they will say they regret it. Believe me; I know,

Good luck, I hope you change while you can.