Well everyone is saying that anorexics get fatter...but how is that possible if they are really thin!? Im really confused and would like to understand... Maybe i someone has/had anorexia then if theyre thin then how does being anorexic make you fat!? (im not going to starve myself to death :) just wanting to understand) Thank you



I think what people mean is that if you skip a meal every one or 2 days then you're body holds on to the fat. When you eat again then you're body gets the fat again and then you have extra fat (because you're body held on to the fat, and then it got more) but when you're a real anorexic and you don't eat at all, then you get really skinny and you're body holds on to what fat it can but that's not enough so you lose a lot of weight. I think you just misunderstood what they were saying or they lied to you to scare you into not being anorexic.

I hope that answered your question? I'm not really sure.


Never heard that Anorexics get fat.


Anorexia makes you fat in the long run.

When you are anorexic, your body's metabolism goes completely haywire. When you stop being anorexic, your metabolism is super slow due to the starvation anorexia puts you in. Then, when you eat, you will get really fat.


when they starve they are losing weight (mostly muscle, some fat) and because they cannot lose anymore muscle weight they start burning off their fat and therefore they become skinny

but if you starve like for a day or so, your body will store fat and when you'll eat something it will store this as fat as well and then you get fatter.


their metabolism slows down (slow metab. means slower rate at which body burns calories and fat) the only reason why their so skinny is because the calories they are consuming arent high enough causing the body to result in eating muscles. If you really look at a ED body, their very awkward looking since they have no muscle just bones compared to a healthy body which has muscle all over the body


When I was younger I had anorexia,and there is the theory that anorexics put on weight and this is because when your body goes into "starvation mode" (when your not eating enough or anything) it stores fat so you keep all of it, for quite a long time until your body needs fat so much that it uses the fat it stored to function properly and then it eats away at the rest of your body