Would you consider my thighs & calves fat and chunky?

I'm a 18year old girl 5'5 102pounds my thighs are 18inches and my calves are 12inches. Do you think there too fat? Please this is very important!


wow, mine are 19 / 12 (same age & height as you) and people always tell me they look like sticks o.O

so no, they are not chunky.


No not at all :)


impossible for this to be true at this weight and height.


uhm i dont know what shes thinking!

Your thighs seem completely fine! not too big, not too small.


not at all by the sound of it but u should put a pic up to be 100% accurate. Im a fitness fanatic and future personal trainer, and a US ARMY soldier 11 bravo infantry


They're kinda big, You're not fat by any means, but you're claves and thighs kinda are.