What is the best way to burn fat?

I dont really care whether or not its easy (quicker wood be better tho)


cut the carbs real low(30 grams per day max) then bump up the protein( 200 grams min) ,eliminate ALL fat apart from natural omega 3 from fish and drink LOTS of water..

your body will then begin to use your OWN stored body fat for energy and by doing so many inches of it will simply vanish as the days go by..


run, run, run! and drink plenty of water


If u're a man build muscles , as much muscles as you have , your body will burn more


I use to be 210lbs and now i am 160lbs and still going. The best way to burn fat is exercise with a balanced diet of 6 meals a day. If you don't know how to do the meals I suggest seeing a Nutritionist. Pills work, but you will just put the weight back on once you stop taking them.