Do you think I am fat and is this normal?

Okay I am a thirteen year old female.I am about 4-5 feet tall and I weigh around 105 pounds.I have a wide waist(sort of a big butt) and my arms and legs are "flabby" and I feel fat.My older brother is always saying,"Wow Rae you fat cow"or"You fat cow,you dont need food"He is playing(I hope) but it still hurts my feelings.So my question is:Do you think I'm fat?and Is it normal to have flabby arms and thighs?Thank you.


You are not fat! 105 is normal! Don't let him say those things to you, or else you might start to believe it one day, which can lead to a lot of problems. Trust me. Love your body, and don't go by what others say about you. :)


you are not fat a average 13 year old girl should weigh is 110-115




no. when i was 13 i was the same height as you and was 125 pounds. you're more like underweight. your brother is just being mean.


105 is NOT fat. Thats underweight hun.