I am 17 and I want to lose 10 pounds?

I am 17 years old, a senior in high school. I am 5' 5.5" and I weigh 137 pounds. Prom is coming in a couple months and im hoping to lose some weight- mostly in my butt and legs. I don't play sports- but I walk my dog for about an hour every day. Could somebody give me some good advice?

Thanks! :)


Walking is a good start for you weight loss plan.

Add an extra time walking for the first week, then jog for the remaining 7weeks, adding extra 15mins of jogging per week. (hope you get my point)

Substitute your dinner foods with fruits and drink a lot of water.


Dieting won't help much for problem areas walking is good walk heal to toe and if you can strap on weighted ancle braclets try to walk longer too see if u can go to an hour and a half


You could walk your dog for a few minutes more and raise the pace to power walking.

by the way do you think you could give my video a watch?



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