What should an absolute beginner do at the gym?

I've just joined a gym. I've not done exercise since i was at school (now 29) so how should i start? I don't really need to lose weight - i just want to get fit and maybe tone up a bit. What should be my baseline to start from?


Start to get to know your standards

Do some running and get to know the machines so you can learn how much you can do and how much you need to push yourself

But don't laze around do nothing and try to to push too hard right at the beginning.


Lift weights and maybe walk on the treadmill. That's what I do!


Start easy on light weight, treadmill, elliptical ect ..... just start out slow and work your way up to avoid injury


start on the treadmill for starters, you can view the babes from there....i try to use the treadmill that is behind a row with 4-5 girls on the row ahead of me...