Is 113 pounds fat for a 13 year old girl ( exactly 5ft ) ?

i just wanted to know if i have to loose any pounds ? (:


Hell no! You are just fine about perfect I'm 13 5ft 2 and 120 ish I have a lot of muscle and a little flab lol :)


Wow ur a BIG girl. Maybe a diet


I'm 13 (girl) and I weigh 113.8 pounds but I'm 5'6 so I'm skinny but I think ur ok but maybe just workout and do crunches more and u will be fine :)


No, but you can certainly loose weight if you wanted to. I was 5'3 2 years ago and i weighed 99 pounds lol.

Look at yourself in the mirror, and see if you feel the need to lose any weight.


Maybe a little but not massive so don' t worry I am 5ft too and I weigh 108 pounds and I look alright my dad even says I' m skinny so your fine how you are!


You are a little overweight I'd lose atleast 30 pounds. I'm 4 foot 9 inches still growing. 63 pounds I'm eleven. I expect to be 75 pounds when I'm 13