How do I gain 20 pounds of fat?

I'm on the extreme low of my healthy weight range and tired of looking like a stick. I do eat a LOT of fatty and unhealthy food, but I have a super high metabolism and I end up burning it off. What can I do to keep the weight on?


don't eat fast food know why it's bad? it's because the fat is bad.

Instead just eat a lot of healthy food with good fat, then your weight will go up. and you health won't take a drastic plummet down, which it would if you ate junk food


eat meat and protein and carbs and starch like pasta. maybe some stuff from mc donalds. have ensure shakes


eat a 20lb baby or get pregnant


Eat a lot of fast food and candy


Eat hamburgers, candy bars, ice cream, pizzas, and drink lots of soda and that ought to do the trick for you.